Marcy Me: The SH!TEZ Hustle Gang Shoot

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Caktuz & Bird turn a sunny day in Marcy projects into a photo shoot. Photographer H. Makonnen capture The SH!TEZ on their day off from touring. 

It wouldn’t be long  after, watching big brother, Caktuz,  tour the world and rub shoulders with icons, before Bird(officially known as “[Blaque] Bird”) would join the family business. These Carolina siblings have been making music together for years before Caktuz formed Dopesh!te, appearing on numerous songs including “Anti”, “Still Here”, & “D’Neggazmayne”.

Introduced to the world as a 5 man go go band from VH1’s The Breaks, Caktuz was quick to dispel any misunderstandings about his musical suicide squad. Adding a female voice to the edgy growl of the band gave The SH!TEZ  a new appeal.


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The SH!TEZ continue to reshape and reinvent themselves. This incarnation feels warmer and more stripped down from the former rattle and hum. Catch Caktuz & Bird starring in their musical film W A N D E R L U S T, and the Bird’s forthcoming debut EP Alpha Luvah.

Thanx to our friends at Hustle Gang for the gear.

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On August 6, 2017

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